Wednesday, June 24, 2009

36 Weeks

It's so hard to believe that we have only 4 weeks left! 8 months ago, the end of July seemed forever away! It still does, actually, but when I stop and think about what 4 weeks is - 4 Sunday meetings, 20 work days for Greg (19 actually b/c of the 4th of July holiday), 6 softball games, 4 Saturdays to finish joint projects - it really feels super, super close! I'm getting so excited as well as very sobered by what a precious gift we're being given and what a big responsibility we're taking on.

The other night I was rocking a friend's child in Zach's room and as she calmed down and relaxed her little body, getting ready for sleep, I couldn't help but think of all the times I'll sit with Zach in that chair and play with him on the floor and read with him on the bed. *Contended sigh* I can't wait!

From What to Expect: Your little one is now about six pounds in weight and measures slightly more than 20 inches in length. Growth will slow down now in preparation for birth, so your baby will be able to fit the narrow passageway to the outside and so he or she can store up the energy needed for delivery.

PS - sometime I'll need to post a sampling of all the pictures that get taken when Greg shoots my belly shot . . . this time I had 3 belly pictures of me to choose from, 11 of the dog, 2 of our living room, 1 of the ceiling, and an assortment of stalker like pictures of me as I got ready to pose . . . It really is like giving a 5-year old a camera =)

Sunset Beach

We just (as in 4 days ago . . .) returned from a wonderfully relaxing week at Sunset Beach with my family and our dear friends, the Mercados. We've been vacationing at that beach for the past 14 years (though this is the first year Greg and I have been able to spend a whole week there since we were married) and it's always a treat to go back to such familiar surroundings.

Greg fished from the pier almost every morning, getting up at the crack of dawn to catch live bait. I joined him most mornings to watch the hunter/gatherer at work, but at a more reasonable time =) Waking up at 5:30 on vacation doesn't describe my idea of vacation at all! Greg enjoyed the fishing as well as the community out on the pier. It was fun when I was there to have seasoned fishermen coming up to our spot on the pier and offer suggestions, or, in some cases, simply take over!

Typically the fishing was over by 10 or 11 and then we'd head out to the beach for the rest of the day. The Mercados brought a wonderful gazebo so we really could spend most of the day on the sand and not get completely burnt! We also had a volleyball net and horse shoes set up most days. Thinking back, I can't recall Greg sitting down for more than 2 minutes all summed up. That's my boy!

Our evenings were full of delicious dinners at our HUGE dinning room table (it's rare to find a table at a vacation home that really does accomodate 13 people!), watching movies, and generally hanging out and relaxing. It was hard to pack up and come home on Saturday . . . but as Greg reminded me, it always is =)

The whole crew

This was our lunch one day . . . so delish!
Dad's first time fishing in about 30 years =)

A little catnap while in Calabash for dinner one night
We went out on Wednesday to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary! Side note - can't believe we've already been married 3 years . . . I love my life with this man!!

Me and the 2 fakies =)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creation Lilies

This is my beautiful day lily from Pennsylvania. For several years, every June, Greg and I along with a couple car loads of friends and siblings would head up to Pennsylvania to work as Individual Camping supervisors for a week at the Creation Festival. It was hard work, often 12-14 hour days in the hot sun and often mud. During the week every year we would vow this was the last year, but then on the trip home as all the stories spilled out, our excitement would renew and we'd begin planning to return the next year.

The first year that I went, I noticed these beautiful wild day lilies that grew along a stream in one of the camping fields. I pointed them out to Greg as we drove by on the golf cart and that was that. Well, the next morning and every other morning for the years we were at Creation, Greg would bring me one of these lilies in a dixie cup. (You can see why I snatched him up, can't you??)

2005 was our last year at the festival and one night we sneaked out into the field with a flash light and a spade and dug up a bulb. (I'm sure the sneaking around in the dark was unnecessary, but it made it seem much more exciting at the time) I'm so glad to have this memory of our fun summers in PA!

Monday, June 8, 2009

33 Weeks

Only 7 more weeks (give or take a few depending on Zach's punctuality . . . ), I can hardly believe it. 9 months seems like eternity when I think about it but the time really has flown by. Working for the first 2 trimesters and having plenty of projects around the house has definitely helped the time pass more quickly, I'm sure.

Zach's movement has become much more noticable over the past week or 2, and not just to me. Zach is pretty chill for the majority of the day, I'll feel him stretch or what I'm assuming is rolling periodically; but then all of a sudden he morphs into a hyper toddler and, for lack of a better description, spazzes out. Limbs go everywhere and my belly looks like a shaken bowl of jello. It's hilarious to observe! It happened yesterday during chuch and Greg said he was just waiting to see a baby come popping through the skin. Hopefully we're all safe from witnessing that . . . but it certainly does feel like it could happen!

In other interesting baby news . . . I found out on Friday that Greg was 9lb 14oz when he was born. Quite different fromt the "8lbs something average" that I had previously been told. I've heard the old rule of thumb is that the baby's weight will be an average of both the parent's birth weights. I was liking the average of my 7lbs 3oz and Greg's nice 8 something . . . If the old wives tale is true, Zach should be in the 8 1/2 lb range . . . we shall see . . .

From What to Expect: This week your baby may be anywhere between 17 to 19 inches in length and weigh more than four and a half pounds. At this stage in fetal development, your baby could grow a full inch more this week alone — especially if he or she has been on the shorter side. Weight gain can range from a third more growth to a full doubling before the big debut.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why Greg is so happy we're having a boy . . .

I don't know if he could listen to 2 of us chatty girls on road trips =)

But really . . . could she be any cuter?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Biltmore Gardens

Once again Greg and I traveled up to Asheville to visit Biltmore Estate. We've seen the house enough for now, but with all the gardens in bloom, we decided it was a perfect time to bring Spartacus and walk around the grounds. I'm so glad we did!

We took advantage of the many benches along the garden paths . . . something about the heat and being pregnant didn't mix as much as I thought it would =) It was a wonderful way to spend a leisurely Saturday. We of course had to check out some of the fish, too.

Apparently my belly is still a little on the smallish size for being in my 8th month (being tall is finally paying off!), so I was very surprised when so many people commented on my belly or, more often, stared at it as we passed by; this was really the first time for me to experience that in large quantities. They also could have been staring at my sausage fingers . . . but water retention and swollen limbs is a topic for another day.

And speaking of babies . . . my blog posts don't seem to stray to far from that subject anymore . . . Zach is growing right along and so am I. I'll try to get an updated picture up this weekend. He's weighing in between 4 and 4 1/2 lbs right now and in my non-medical opinion has really, really long limbs . . . he sure can get those legs going when he kicks!

Poppies, my most favorite flowers to see in nature
Posted by PicasaGreg and Spartacus in the bamboo forest, right before I impaled my foot on a fallen piece of bamboo . . . I keep things exciting around here =)