Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday is cleaning day here at the Rosses . . . so I thought I'd share my favorite cleaning product with everyone. Method Daily Shower Spray is amazing (Target carries the whole Method line, as does Bloom) . . . We spray it in our shower after the last shower of the morning and then on cleaning day it only takes me a minute or 2 to wipe the bathtub down instead of the 10 -15 minutes of old. (Plus the tub stays a lot cleaner during the week) I think it's the fact that we have hard water here, but soap scum used to really be a problem for us. No more!

Annnnd the shower spray is made from all natural ingredients so it doesn't leave the bathroom smelling chemically every day or cause headaches like some of the other daily sprays I've tried in the past. So there you have it . . . my favorite . . . what's yours?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Current Favorite Picture

This is from a couple weeks ago at a LeCrae concert that we went to with Mission 28. I can't remember what was so funny . . . but apparently something was. About an hour after this picture was taken, Kyle and I both fell asleep in our seats . . . in the middle of the concert . . . I think that means we are older than we think . . .

The concert was definitely a little out of my preferred music range . . . LeCrae is a Christian rapper (VERY different from my preferred genre of country music) and also a gifted speaker. I was very unsure if I'd enjoy the concert and though you will probably never catch his music playing on my iPod, I did appreciate the way he spoke so clearly about Christ in his lyrics. He highly esteemed the Lord's name in the songs he played that night and spoke out forcefully against worldliness. It's exciting to see God using him to reach a demographic that the Chris Tomlins of our time will probably never get to.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

The camping trip . . .

We had a great time camping Easter weekend at South Mountain State Park. We drove up Friday morning and came back Saturday afternoon, so it was a quick trip; but still was a lot of fun. Spartacus did great on the hike (we tucked his leash into his backpack in case we needed to grab it if we passed by other hikers, but for the majority of the time, he followed right behind Greg just like a pack dog) and all of us loved the campsite . . . once we found it. The trails didn't match up to the trail map that the park provided, so we hiked about a mile down a wrong trail, got back to the main trail and kept thinking that we'd come up on the campsite any minute now . . . really it should be right here . . . ok, just a little further, I'm sure . . . but we came to where the trail dead ended and still, no sign of our campsite. So we turned around and hiked back about about a mile and, lo and behold, the sign for the trail to the campsite was face down in a pile of leaves! Finally finding the campsite was a joyous moment for sure. It's funny how those extra few miles seemed a lot longer with 25 lbs on your back.

But the site was beautiful and worth the wait, there was about 2 1/2 cleared acres with a stream near by-ish. It's acutally set up for 3 different groups to camp and a couple hours after we set up, another group from a church here in Charlotte showed up and we got to spend some time with them, which was really fun. A couple of those guys are serious backpackers, so we spent a good amount of time comparing equipment with them.

About 4 in the morning a 3rd group showed up . . . without sleeping bags or tents (just a pile of blankets) but with a large amount of alcohol. Spartacus was not too cool with that and ended up chewing a rather large hole in the side of his tent so that he could stand guard. We woke up to find him shaking in the cold outside of his tent. I would have felt bad for him, except he was sitting right next to his warm tent which he had chewed a whole in so that he could sleep in the cold.

I could also tell stories about me accidentally dumping out Greg's just-finished-cooking pot of ramens or about Spartacus sneaking off with Greg's makeup dinner of a granola bar or how the guys in the other group we camped with (the nice group) offered to buy Spartacus because he was such a great trail dog but the post is already a little long . . .

Spartacus at our lunch stop
The sign marking our campsite . . . How Spartacus looked when we put him to bed
Where we found him when we woke up
(we were a little too upset to get pictures of the actual whole, and Greg has since repaired it with duct tape)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some parenting tips . . .

Here are a few helpful parenting tips we came across . . . (click on the picture for a larger version)