Tuesday, January 29, 2008


In the Baumgartner Family (my original family . . . ) January is the birthday month. The rest of our birthdays are pretty spread out, but Dad and Allie's are only a couple weeks apart in January. We a had a great time celebrating both of them; and as a huge plus Allie has come home every weekend since Christmas because of birthdays or holidays!

Allie brought her good friend Becka home with her from Montreat

19 candles . . . next year there will be no more teenagers in the B's house

Anyone who knows Allie knows that she is pretty much addicted to ice cream . . . Mom made the 7 layer ice cream cake for her

Mom and Dad got her tickets to see Celtic Women in March . . . she started crying

This year Dad turned 50! Mom had to put his candles on 2 cakes . . . he still blew them all out with one breath. That can happen when you have 50 years to practice =)

To celebrate, Mom hosted a dinner for 15 at their house, but I forgot to take a group picture.

Right after Dad blew out the candles, Allie threw one of the cakes into our friend Gisele's back . . . ok, she tripped and it fell, but it sounds better the other way . . .

Loss of Control Kit . . . one of the many very practical gifts Dad received!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When geeks say I do

What happens when 2 math majors get married? Well, I could make a pretty good sized list by this point (gas mileage is calculated "just for fun", items are hung on the wall in very symmetrical patterns, we create formulas in excel for pretty much anything, and it goes on). Our latest addition to the list is the Rubik's Cube. Greg got one for Christmas and his record so far is 2 minutes, 50 seconds. It's really too bad that we're not going to Rekindle this year, because it could so be his talent. Sunday night, in true geek fashion, we got all cozy on the couch and Greg talked me through solving it. I'm still awfully slow . . . but I'm a geek . . . I'll get faster!