Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Purpose

For a while now I have felt that I am lacking purpose. Obviously there are the overall purposes to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and to serve and care for my husband; but beyond that, there has been no consistent purpose in my life (as an example of what kind of purpose I'm talking about: for others I know it's working on college studies to the best of their abilities, preparing for their first baby, caring for their children, discipling students, etc). For me, purpose is often linked with involvement. What am I involved with? How much am I involved with? Are my perceived gifts and talents being used?

It has been a discouraging road to walk at times as I pursue the Lord to see what my purpose should be for right now, but He is always faithful to give encouragement when I need it most. I was reading Beside Still Waters by Charles Spurgeon the other morning and came across the following quote; may it encourage any one else who feels the same way:
When you are retired or inactive, prepare for the time when God will again use you. If you are put on the shelf, do not rust; pray that the Master will polish you, so that when He uses you again you will be fully ready for the work.

While you are laid aside, I want you to pray for others that are working. Help them and encourage them. Do not get into that peevish, miserable frame of mind that grudges and undervalues other's efforts. Some people when they cannot do anything, do not like anybody else to work. Promise that if you cannot help, you will never hinder. Spend time in prayer, that you may be fit for the Master's use.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Greg!

I couldn’t let this day go by without taking the opportunity to honor my best friend . . .

There are many, many things that I could write about him, the tricky part is where to begin.

I met Greg when we were somewhere right around middle school age, but it was really 10th grade when I began to know him as a friend. We went to rival high schools and I thought that I recognized the guy dishing out the fouls on the opposing team during a basketball game. Sure enough when I got to youth group that weekend and talked to him about it, it was him! From then on we became close friends and hung out together with the same small group of church friends through out high school. It has been such an exciting opportunity for me to see how God has grown Mr. Aggressive on the basketball team (I’m told that’s what happens when you put a soccer goalie on the court) into the humble man that he is today.

One thing that stands out to me very clearly about my man is his humble spirit. Greg is very quick to listen and take teaching or correction to heart. I remember a debate we had in college over some theological issue. I was assured that I was right and finished the conversation by putting a mental tally mark under my name. Days later, Greg brought up the topic again and very humbly shared with me the HOURS of research that he had done over several days (which proved me wrong, by the way . . .). He wasn’t trying to win the debate, but rather to learn truths about scripture and apply them to his life. I am so blessed to have him lead me in my relationship with him and with the Lord. And he gets to practice this type of humble leadership quite often as we are both very competitive and he is usually the one that is right =)

Another way I see his humility displayed is in how he ranks his priorities. Greg is very talented in many areas, one of which being his musical giftings. He’s been invited numerous times to play with bands for worship or small shows and he is always faithful to consider first how it will effect our time together or commitments he’s made to other friends rather than being caught up in how exciting and fun it is to perform for other people. In my pride it’s a little difficult to understand why he would say no to playing on the worship band at a large conference, but I know that the Lord will continue to send these opportunities his way as he proves faithful in the smaller areas of service.

One of those commitments that Greg has planned around is a twice-monthly disciple group that he has been a part of for several months now. He diligently works to plan our weekends around these Saturday morning meetings to ensure that he can make this time with other godly men from the church to be held accountable in his growth and walk with the Lord. They have a good deal of reading material to go through for every meeting and if you know Greg, that in and of itself is a HUGE sacrifice. Greg tends to be a slow reader for the simple fact that he does not really enjoy reading; but week after week he takes his stack of books into work to read on his lunch break. A few times he’s even stayed up very late to get the reading done and still woken up at 5:45 in the morning to have his quiet time before work. Greg, you are such an example to me!

I love my husband and he is truly my closest friend.

I am looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you . . .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pup tent

Well, I've been hearing from a couple friends that they'd like to see pictures of Spartacus in his tent. I have the distinct feeling they are asking this so that they can tease me even more, but I'll oblige anyway . . . =)

He's actually been sleeping in the tent every night for the past couple of weeks (Greg and I have been amping up our running to get ready . . . and the dog gets to practice sleeping . . . something is not quite fair) but the only picture I have of him in the tent is with our friend Alathea who had some fun playing in it the other night. Greg's hand is in there holding Sparty's collar, that was just so that we could actually get Alathea in the picture =)

She's laughing, not crying, I promise!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Graduation . . .

This weekend Chelle graduated!! A year ago, she entered The Aveda Institute and agreed to dive right in to the year long program with NO VACATIONS. With the exception of a day or two off for holidays and couple Saturdays for friend's weddings, she has been in school Tuesday - Saturday for a year. It was so exciting to be at the school's hair show last week (where she was a group leader and designed numerous hair styles as well as walked the runway herself when one of her models had to cancel at the last minute) and then her final clock out.

She's done a wonderful job to be diligent in all of her classes and learn some great techniques. Chelle received several awards and commendations throughout the year for her hard work and excellence. Chelle, we love you and we're so proud of you!!

At the hair show . . .

Graduation day, with a few of her friends and instructors from school

The final clock out

Celebratory dinner at Ru San's

I had to put a picture of Greg's sushi up . . . it tasted just as good as it looks

We finally talked Dad into trying some sushi at the end of the night . . . and he actually liked it =)

Monday, March 10, 2008


2 weekends ago, Greg with help from our friend and neighbor, Paul, and his Dad extended our patio out back. I was there for moral support, but with the amount of work that I did compared to the guys, I really can't take any credit at all.


Greg digging up the carolina clay

Laying down the base

Pounding the base and laying pavers

Sweeping the sand over the cracks