Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No more wisdom

We Rosses laid pretty low this weekend. All of us except for my checks which decided to blow up about 4 times their normal size for no reason. Well, maybe having my wisdom teeth out on Friday had something to do with it. Maybe.
Friday went pretty smoothly, the laughing gas they gave me pre-surgury was great. I felt like laughing so badly and it took all the self control I had to not bust out laughing. So I settled for a goofy smile on my face instead. I told the assistant who was prepping me that I love the gas and needed some for the house. She, apparently, has heard that before . . . =) The surgery went well as far as I can tell and the recovery has gone really smoothly . . . except for my checks!
Greg took wonderful care of me this weekend, feeding me anything I wanted and keeping the house clean. My mom came and brought me Italian ice and flowers (and chocolate for Greg). Carol, Kristie and Becky all brought dinners which were such a huge blessing! I had planned some freezer meals but had forgotten to take into account that I would only be able to eat soft foods. Pizza unfortunately does not count as a soft food. I've been so blessed by everyone's care!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

California Girls (and Boy)

This past week Greg, Allie and I flew on over to California and had a wonderful time with our family who lives out there. We now have 2 grandparents, 8 aunts and uncles and 11 cousins living there (not to mention the countless members of Dad's extended family). We flew in Sunday afternoon and hit the ground running. Monday we spent 10 hours at Hunting Beach were Greg and Allie tried their hand at surfing until the waves got too big (6-8 foot waves kind of big) so the life guards closed the beach for surfing. We hung out with our family, took a walk down to the pier to "be seen" by the Holister camera, and ended the day with a cookout on the beach.

The rest of the days were packed full of baseball games (the Baumgartners LOVE baseball!), cookouts, Knott's Berry Farm, and sight seeing. We packed our days so full that the on going joke was that we'd need a vacation when we got back to recover from our vacation . . . and I'm realzing it wasn't really a joke =)

We were sad to pack up and leave on Saturday but we are looking forward to future visits!

The travelers at the airport bright and early (thanks, Mom!)

My cousin Michael - he was the youngest until March when his brother Nate came along

Me and Nicole, we have the same birthday, just 15 years apart

The high schools grads . . . Kevin is pointing to Allie to show that she is the older one (by a month)

Greg's first steps in the Pacific

Cooking on the beach (Hungtington Beach is one of the last beaches in CA that allows bonfires)

Palos Verdes

The beach club at Palos Verdes

Trump National Golf Course

We got to see Trump at his golf course . . .

PBS ranked this sandwich place among the top 5 in America . . . they were right!

Greg at Union station

Dodger's Stadium!

There was a firework show after the game (we went on July 4th)

Brendon's all-star game, we got to watch both him and Scott play that week

Me and Tricia at Knott's Berry Farm

One of Greg's favorite rides, they use the same technology as air craft carriers to shoot the cars out at 80 miles per hour in 2 seconds - 3G's

Another of Greg's favorites