Tuesday, January 25, 2011

18 months!

Zach is 18 months old . . . unbelievable.  Especially considering that he was only born last week.  I'm not sure how that works.  He's becoming more and more of big boy, we love to watch him as he figures things out and amuses himself in the funniest ways.

As I write this he is doing laps in our room at Greg's parents (where we are living while renovating our new house) closing and opening the 3 doors between the hallway, bathroom, and bedroom.  With foam sword in his hand.  He entertained himself this way for about 15 minutes yesterday.  Love this kid.

What else is Zach up to?

  • He's running faster and faster everyday.
  • His shoe size is a whopping size 6.
  • He attempts to copy EVERYTHING he sees an adult do.
  • He "talks" constantly but we can only understand a handful of words (dog, dada, shoe, cheese, me, no, that, 'nana, uh-oh, more, car).  We're quite certain he's saying more, but we just can't make them out yet - boy's got quite a southern drawl . . . 
  • He LOVES to play with balls, especially Pops' basketball.
  • He loves to play with all his tools and watches intently when Greg and I are working on projects and then gets the closest toy tool and mimics us.
  • He loves his blue blanket and stuffed dog.
  • He's still a thumb sucker, thankfully only when he's tired or extremely board (like in a car).
  • He loves to talk on phone when it's pretend but freezes up if he actually hears a voice on the other end.
  • He feeds himself pretty well with a fork and spoon, but still uses his hands as a reliable backup.
  • He's forming very definite personal opinions and knows what he wants and likes (both a good and bad thing).
  • He loves ketchup and would eat it on everything if we let him (we don't).  I've heard this is a family trait on Greg's side - - ketchup and cheese sandwiches anyone =).
  • He loves things to be tidy and often picks up after himself and walks behind me in the kitchen closing drawers and cabinets.
  • He talks with his hands and uses his pointer finger very animatedly.  I've been told he's learning this from me =).
  • He's just started enjoying to watch tv (his attention span is only about 5 minutes) and loves to dance in circles if the show plays music.
  • He says and waves "bye-bye", gives high-fives, kisses and fist bumps.

We love this little boy more and more everyday and we're trying to take the advice of everyone that has every seen Zach in a grocery store or at the park . . . enjoy this while it lasts because he will grow up all too fast.


Mom said...

I'm enjoying every second of those videos!! Thanks so much for putting them up. =)

Anne said...

He is just adorable, Hilary! Such a little guy:) I chuckled about his shoe size...Kate can still fit into 5's!