Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Game of the Season

Softball season started up last night and . . . drum roll please . . . they won their first game!! Walking away with a 17-12 score, the guys were pretty stoked for this season. And I have to say not being 9 months pregnant was definitely a much better way to watch the game =)

Zach also enjoyed himself greatly. Clapping for Daddy and Pops, playing with Azaylee (who also came to the games last year in utero), and climbing on anything he possibly could.

After the game . . . quite a reversal from last year . . .


The Brown's said...

Sooo cute!! Can't wait until he's the one playing on that field!! :)

Deb said...

Oh my goodness! Those two "comparison" pictures of him & Greg are HILARIOUS...and adorable. :)

Denise said...

Hey Hilary!

Gosh - I remember you from Crossway and so many years ago... (I think you accidentally walked into a Differential Equations class Jonathan was in one time....)

Anyway, congratulations on your beautiful son! I took the liberty of stalking your blog and see that his little life is one that was preciously and long awaited... Not as easy road to that little miracle. I walked a hard road as well and I am so happy with God's entrusting Elyana to us!

So... cloth diapering! I hope you will be happy with cloth, I have ZERO complaints, thought it its a learning process sometimes learning what our kids are sensitive to. What will you be using? I hope you enjoy picking out your colors! :)

I have used a few different kinds of Free and Clear. I currently like Tide Free & Clear the best, but I have used All Free & Clear in the past.

Here is a chart I reference when deciding what to buy. As you see, ALL F&C does have brighteners, but I've just never noticed a problem. Other F&C brands I have tried but not liked are Arm & Hammer, Purex, and Seventh Generation.

Now, interestingly, I noticed this lady's comment about my Tide F&C (about her child's sensitivity to enzymes). When we travel in the car the 8+ hour trip to NC, usually my daughter gets a rash. I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause, and I found using baby powder eliminates her rash from starting
90% of the time... But I wonder now if the Tide F&C's emnzymes are a sensitivity issue. I want to switch up and try Trader Joe's brand anyway.

Also, I bleach my diapers about 1 time a month. I have never stripped them yet (with Dawn detergent like BG says to).

And don't use diaper creams with cloth. If you have to use cream, switch to a disposable for the duration.

Happy diapering! Let me know how it's going. :)